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After all thats happened since the Great Wars, after times passage these past five centuries, nothing much has changed. Oh, the old world’s gone, right enough. All those cities and factories and war machines and everything else that the old sciences created to make the world a better place have disappeared, and we’ve got nothing worth talking about to show for it. They might as well never have existed, any of them. Centuries of enlightenment and progress vanished virtually overnight because Men couldn’t find a way to use it wisely and purposefully. Gone, the whole of it, and to what end? Was there a lesson learned? Was there fresh perspective reached that might somehow help avoid it all happening again? You show it to me.”
“History repeats itself. It’s an old lesson, but no one ever seems able to put it to use.”
“We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of the past, and no amount of education gleaned from our propensity for self-destruction and misguided thinking ever teaches us anything. No anything that we remember.
Legends of Shanara: Bearers of the Black Staff by Terry Brooks
All people kept parts of who and what they were and how they had lived to themselves, things that belonged only to them, things that no one else was meant to share. At death, those things were dark holes in the memories of those who lived on, but that was the way it must be.
The Tailsmans of Shanara by Terry Brooks
Being ready is what counts. Being ready is certainly more important than trying hard.
The Tailsmans of Shanara by Terry Brooks
I used to be bothered by who I was and what I was called. I considered myself a freak, a dangerous aberration. But I learned that I was wrong. It is not what other people thought of me that mattered; it was what I thought of myself. If I allowed myself to be shaped by other peoples opinions, I would become what they wished me to become.
The Tailsmans of Shanara by Terry Brooks

Sword of the Devil God by ~Eyestrain


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